Put Your Best Face Forward With Clinical Esthetics

Being successful in the Esthetics and Spa Therapy field is built on a number of important factors, three of them being, technical skills, skill with people and selling services and products to your cliental. State-of-the-art products introduce the Clinical Esthetician to a whole range of possible procedures. It is essential that Clinical Estheticians understand how these ingredients work and how they interact with other products and medications. Advanced procedures used in skin care practice require a reassessment of basic ideas and a thorough understanding of how all skin types functions. Often, this is left up to the Clinical Esthetician to do on her/his own.

Once you choose to become a Clinical Esthetician, it is important to find a training school with proper credentials. When deciding if the Esthetics field is the right fit for you, you must look at all the positives that this career has to offer. The employment and growth opportunities and income potential in the Clinical Esthetics career is a major indicator that you have made the right decision by pursuing this field. In 2003, over 1.6 million professional Clinical Estheticians were employed. Clinical Estheticians work in a career with a low to moderate levels of stress. Over 25% of new positions will be filled by people with less than one year of experience. Most new openings for a Clinical Esthetician are in full-service salons. The average income for a full time salon employee is about $50,000. The salon industry grosses about $50 billion every year.

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Changing the Way You View Yourself With Esthetics

Not too happy with what you are seeing in the mirror these days? Is your skin drab and droopy? Do you have too many crow’s feet around your eyes and on your forehead to count? Contacting a Clinical Esthetician might be something you should look into. If the thought of seeing someone who is not a certified medical doctor, you will be happy to know that professional Estheticians are working closer than ever with people in the medical profession. Many physicians today are requiring that estheticians have a higher level of education than is necessary to receive a state license. Many Clinical Estheticians are choosing to receive an additional 300 hours of training that is focused on advanced skills, state of the art products and a more thorough understanding of the history of the skin. The safety and well being of an Esthetics client is best served when Clinical Estheticians receive more thorough training than is usually provided.

When deciding which treatment will work best for your skin, it is important to meet with a reputable licensed Clinical Esthetician to discuss what options are out there that is going to make you feel like a better, brighter you, but in the safest way possible. If the creases in your forehead and around your eyes and mouth are big problem areas for you, you might want to look into the benefits and procedure of Botox or breast augmentation. Clinical Esthetics offers the latest technology in beauty enhancements. Although the treatments offered by Clinical Esthetics are non-surgical, it is a medical procedure, and therefore, you should trust your beauty in the hands of a medical doctor. If you don’t wish to go to a medical doctor for treatment and want a minimally invasive procedure done to your skin, look into Microdermabrasion. The vacuum stimulation alone from microdermabrasion has been known to encourage blood circulation and the production of collagen. The aggressive removal of the top layer of the skin also prompts the growth new collagen and the rebirth of new and younger looking skin. Working on creases and, expression aging can diminish greatly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as these areas have a tendency to gather thicker layers of skin that increase the visual appearance of aging. Microdermabrasion especially is good for under the eyes and crow’s feet. Full facial microdermabrasion treatments average about $125. Microdermabrasion treatments can be performed in minute.. Treatments usually are performed in series of four to six treatments. You will have approximately one treatment every 10-15 days.

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Day Spa – All About Esthetic Salons

Beautiful skin, shiny hair, and a youthful glow surely enhances anyone’s self esteem. Esthetic Salons offer services that slow down aging and maintain the healthiness of your skin. It promises to replace lost vigor due to everyday stress and it reverses the effects of harmful environmental factors.

These salons address a variety of skin concerns by providing specialized treatments such as:

1) Haircuts and Professional Hairstyling

Haircuts and Professional Hairstyling – Do you feel so ten minutes ago? Maybe it is time that you browse through the latest hairstyles and find something that suits your personality most. Whether you want to go short for the cute and sassy look or stay long and sophisticated, if you want your hair professionally done, then use this service. Just make sure that you clearly describe the look that you want to achieve. Usually prices for this service are about $40.

2) Hair Coloring and Tinting Services

Hair coloring and tinting services are available as well. Explore a more daring color or enjoy sun-kissed highlights. Prices for this kind of treatment start at $50.

3) Facial Peeling

Facial Peeling – This clears cellular-build ups thereby getting rid of blackheads and acne. This makes the skin less prone to environmental damage and leaves the skin clear and glowing. Usually prices for this kind of treatment starts at $30.

4) Facials

Facials – Restoring your skin’s healthy glow and getting it back to the beauty that it was is easy with regular facials. Facials are safe and can be used to maintain healthy skin. They deep cleanse the pores and provide treatments that suit your skin best. These are not limited to the face because it can be done to the body and back as well. These are called body scrubs. Usually prices for this kind of treatment start at $50.

5) Waxing

Facial and Body Waxing gets rid of unwanted hair with a thin layer of hot wax. This removes the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth. If waxing is done regularly for several years, permanent hair reduction may be achieved. Usually prices for this kind of treatment start at $20.

6) Manicure

Manicure- Indulge in a manicure that eases away everyday stress, strain and damage to your hands and nails. Have your nails shaped to your preference. Choose from different palettes of nail polish, may be that sexy red or that chic French manicure. Some salons offer rejuvenating hand spas. Soak your tired hands in luxurious herbal oils, scrubs, and lotions. Manicure services are often priced around $25.

7) Pedicure

Pedicure- dirty toenails are definitely turn-offs. Keep them looking clean and groomed by having a pedicure. Paint your toenails with your preferred color. It is about time that you reward your feet by having them pampered with an assortment of natural cleansers, scrubs, and lotions. Some salons offer wonderfully relaxing foot massages along with nail grooming. A massage stimulates circulation, and revitalizes tired feet.

8) Eye Treatments

Eye treatments- are those sleepless nights taking a toll on you? The areas that surround your eyes are the most vulnerable to premature aging. Some esthetic salons provide treatments that smoothes fine lines, helps relieve puffiness and eliminate dark circles. Capture other eyes through this treatment. The cost for this treatment is about $35.00.

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